Offshore Adventure

      Paddling to the barrier islands inspires us all.  The beauty of the salt marsh and the open water belies the potential for extreme weather as well as the "maze" of channels and currents.  There are potential riptides, high winds and storms to deal with, but the potential for truly inspiring adventures keeps us coming back out to explore these wilderness islands.  These trips require experience in map reading, local knowledge and paddling.  Not recommended as a self guided trip.

Paddling out through the marsh.
Queen Island's Miles of Wilderness Marsh Queen Island is the Edge of the World

Sapelo's refurbished Light house

View of Queen Island across Doughboy Sound from Sapelo Light house

Ballast Island with Shack near Queen - used as Back-Up Camp in Bad Weather
      Most of the island are off limits to camping or visiting as they are the last undeveloped islands that have undisturbed shore bird nesting areas. The survival of some of these species depend on undisturbed "dune and beach" type areas. Power boat and even sail boats owners bringing their pet dogs has been one the major contributing factors in banning all visitation on these wilderness islands. These pets disturb the birds and cause them to abandom the nest. Care should always be taken in avoiding wild animals in the natural habitat.

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