Shuttle, Rentals and Reservations
Reservations *
Reservations are required with a deposit of half the amount of the rentals.  Credit cards (M/C and Visa), cheques or cash.  Late arrivals will be considered a " no show" as  "The tide waits for no one."

Rental Prices**
Sea Kayak - $35 (solo) - $60 (Tandem),   Canoe - $50 (tandem)
Shuttles not included (Transportation of boat and operator)

Shuttle Prices***
Buffalo Swamp / Cathead Creek - $20.    Blue 'N' Hall * - $20
(three persons - additional $5 each person)

Fort Berrington  or  Altamaha Park - $40    Paradise Park - $50     Beards Bluff Campground - $60
(three persons - additonal $10 each person.)

*Basic Rentals:  (no shuttle) Boats rented and taken to other locations require a deposit (M/C, Visa, Cheque or Cash) to ensure the return of the equipment. Amount varies with value of equipment rented.  Rentals include basic equipment - includes paddle and Pfd.   Skirts, bilge pumps, compass, maps are optional.

**Partial Day:  We try to be flexible with folks on the rentals , but having a boat for part of the day assumes we can't rent it again for that day.   Rentals are for the entire day whether used for that entire period or not.   Very early returns are the only exception.

***Note :    Some trips require "no shuttle" as we are on the waterfront in Darien.  Tides permitting, many trips including parts of Buffalo Swamp,   Lewis Island or  Broughton Island are easily accessed from the Darien boat docks.   By using tide "direction" to go to and then after the 'tide change' from these areas and return to the Docks at Darien, shuttles are not required.

* Requires two shuttles or trip must start or end at Darien boat docks.

**Prices are for Rentals and Shuttles at the Altamaha Wilderness Outpost

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