Blackbeard Island

       Legend has it that the infamous pirate Edward Teach aka Blackbeard has buried treasure on the island. The U.S government originally purchased the island in the early 19th century for the timber to build naval ships. It was used as a quarantine station in the late 1800s and is now one of the oldest national wildlife refuges in the country, established in the 1920s.
       Explore the maritime forests and bone yard beaches on this very remote barrier island. This trip is for experienced paddlers only with a minimum of a twenty mile round trip. This trip can also be done as a self guided trip. Tides and winds make this our most difficult trip. Please call for details and availability.

       For information on US Fish & Wildlife Service - Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge

Landing on the Island via Blackbeard Creek on the marsh
Hiking the roads and trails through the jungle like maritime forests

Beach approach 1
Hiking the roads and trails through the jungle like maritime forests

Beach approach 1
approaching the beach from the canopied live oak forest.

Beach approach 2
approaching the beach through dunes.

the ocean seen through the live oaks

Beach w K2
Wind Blown Trees on North Beach.

A Deserted Beach.

Beach Trees 2
"Bone Yard" Where the ocean is reclaiming the island.

Beach trees 1
Nearly a mile of Bones.

Sea Turtle Tracks leading to and from the Water

The Narrow point of South Blackbeard Wilderness Area - Sea and Creek

Ginni Beach
Pristine Beach and Dunes of Blackbeard Island

Paddle Home 1
Paddling to Blackbeard Island from Sapelo in Winter.

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