Kayaking Coastal Georgia
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Kayaking Geogia's Coast
Kayaking Georgia Experience sea kayaking adventures with Altamaha Coastal Tours in one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the South East. Located near St. Simon's Island and 45 minutes South of Savannah, the Altamaha River BioReserve is a world of wilderness and natural wonder. Bottle Nosed dolphins, manatee, otters, alligators, deer, mink, eagles, osprey, and thousands of sea-birds make this area a best kept secret. Trips range from kayaking through black-water swamps of cypress knees and giant old growth forests to camping on deserted islands with white-sand beaches. Come explore for a half day excursion or get away for a multi-day adventure in what has been called a "The World's Last Great Places ". Kayak rentals and Guided tours are offered year round on the semi tropical Georgia Coast.

Guided Tour per person
Kayak and Canoe

Kayak Rentals Georgia

Explore River, Swamp, Marsh & Estuary.
$50 day trip - $150 camping (2 day 1 night)

Boat Trip Descriptions

Includes canoe, sit-in Kayak, sit-on-top kayak, tandem or solo canoe and shuttle.

Guided Bike Tour $40 except for Harris Neck and Blackbeard Island.

Reservations Required

Rental Rates (Per Day)

South Georgia kayak
Kayak $35 (solo) $60 (Tandem)
Canoe $50 (tandem)
Bike Rentals $15

includes paddle, life Jacket, skirt if needed
Rental does NOT include shuttle
shuttle costs vary on section

Reservations Required

   Contact us, to set up your custom trip today!   
Year Round Sea Kayak and Canoe trips are arranged with regard to Tides, Winds and Temperatures.

All trips scheduled with deposit. Visa and Master Card accepted


or call 912-437-6010

Darien Area Road Map         Southeast Georgia Road Map

Canoe Vast tracts of land, barrier marsh islands and swamps are protected by the federal and state gov'ts as well as the Nature Conservancy, corporate and private citizens. These combined areas are referred to by the Nature Conservancy as the Altamaha River Bio reserve. Another important link to the area's health is the Altamaha River Keepers.

       A site of historical interest is the new site to the William Bartram Trail through the Southeast United States in the Mid 1700's.    His travels through Georgia are a document describing in depth the Altamaha River and it's plants and animals before the settling of European settlers.
Buffalo Swamp- beautiful and easy paddling


Wild and Scenic Off Shore Adventures

Kayaking through this wilderness area includes the Lewis Island Natural Area, a tidal swamp with old growth cypress, Wolf Island Wilderness Area, Blackbeard Island Wilderness Area as well as the offshore Queen Island and Sapelo Island.  Buffalo Swamp and Cathead Creek displays the transition from Tidal Swamp to Marsh in an easy half-day paddle.  

    The sheer diversity of flora and fauna in the Bio reserve allows the visitor a variety of experiences and possibilities for wildlife sightings including dolphins, otter, wood storks, osprey, bald eagles, many shore birds, raccoons, sea turtles and the top predator - the American Alligator.  Paddling through the wilderness areas on the Altamaha River, the tidal swamp and coastal marsh as day trips or as extended camping trip are available as guided and self-guided .

      Over 100 miles of protected River corridor upstream ends at Wolf Island, a vast marsh island looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean.  Great fishing!     The last hundred miles of the river access points with a River Mileage Map   is listed .


End of the journey at Darien's historic waterfront docks.

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Area land Maps

Darien Area Roads        S.E. Georgia Road    Topo Maps -Altamaha BioReserve   River Mileage

Weather Maps

Coastal Weather / Savannah     Temperature Forecast     Surface Winds Forecast

Water Related

Altamaha River Level        Tide Predictions at Sapelo Island

Places of interest:

<"http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/georgia/placesweprotect/georgia-altamaha-river.xml">Altamaha River BioReserve and Moodys Forest Preserve

Historic Beards Bluff Fishcamp
aka Adamson Fish Camp

Fort King George State Historic Site        Hofwyle plantation State Historic Site

Sapelo Island Historical and Natural History        Wildlife Refuges and Wilderness Areas

Open Gates Bed and Breakfast

Fort King George Motel

Hostel in the Forest - near Brunswick

The Blue Heron Inn

Broad River Outpost
Located on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains,
the Broad River - in the Savannah River Valley -
is located 100 miles from Atlanta and 20 miles NE of Athens, Ga.

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